GREEN BRANDS are brands (companies / products / service providers / food / associations and personalities) awarded with the Quality Seal, which make a significant contribution to the conservation of the climate, the environment, nature, biodiversity and the resources.

GREEN BRANDS are environmentally friendly in their production, always act with a view to their own co-responsibility for the conservation of natural resources and are highly committed to the preservation and balance of nature and sustainability.

GREEN BRANDS are distinguished among others by the following ecological and sustainable business decisions:

  • Energy Saving
  • Reduction or elimination of the emission of CO2 and other environmentally harmful substances
  • Reduction and elimination of the generation of waste
  • Protection and conservation of natural resources
  • Ensure protection and cleanliness of natural habitats
  • Use of renewable energy sources
  • Training of employees in conservation of the environment and on sustainability
  • Food/drug production according to strict biological/ecological criteria
  • Informing consumers about the measures taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the help of the respective products
  • publishing information in the company’s objectives that demonstrate the company’s ecological commitment