In GERMANY, the first process was concluded in November 2013, with the publication of a book and a concluding gala. Following  further three successive two-year procedures, we are now in the fifth procedure, which will be concluded in November 2021.

The current process of the GREEN BRANDS Germany 2020/2021 is in full swing! Already nominated companies and brands will be notified and thus have the opportunity to participate. Numerous companies/products have already been awarded or are in the validation process. Those brands that have already successfully passed the process will be given the opportunity to be re-validated and receive a new award and thus a quality seal with one star! Those brands that have successfully passed the re-validation process for the second time will receive the GREEN BRANDS Germany 2020/2021 with two stars; if the re-validation process is successful for a third time, the quality seal will be awarded with three stars; if it is successful for a fourth time, the quality seal will be awarded with four stars!

The GREEN BRAND Germany Personality 2021 will be awarded and
announced at the concluding ceremony in November 2021