The jury – high-level competence for a final decision that is not susceptible to any influence!

In the globally unique, three-stage awarding process for ecologically sustainable brands, the final decision lies with the jury members. They voluntarily check all submitted validation documents – including the respective evaluations – and make an independent decision.

The jury is composed of high-ranking representatives from business, science, media, agencies, and environmental associations. We are pleased to introduce here the jury members of the current process in Slovakia:

Beata Hlavčáková  

CSR Company Slovakia

Martina Kolesárová

Pontis Foundation

Jana Kutlíková

Klaudia Medalová

Biospotrebiteľ.sk / Center for environmental activities

Radoslav Mizera


RNDr. Hana Ovesná

Slovak Green Building Council

Daniel Rabina

Green Talk, s.r.o.

Peter Rakovský 

 denkstatt slovakia